Gaskets and Plates

General Characteristics

Recommended for the production of seals, hydraulic seals, coatings, supports, treads, etc.

They are manufactured using SBR rubber and upon special request can be made using nitrile, sanitary nitrile, neoprene, Viton, natural rubber, or some other specific compound. It is designed and formulated to be resistant to rupture, gases, ozone, and abrasion. They can be manufactured with a fabric insert in one or more layers and with a mirror finish on one or both sides.

SBR rubber

  • Excellent mechanical properties and tear resistance up to 40Kg / cm2.
  • Superior stretching ability.
  • Moderate protection from ozone and resists diluted acids, alkalis, acids, bases, and salts.
  • It is not recommended to be used in or around organic liquids such as fats and oils.
  • It is manufactured in black and red.

Nitrile rubber

  • Highly resistant to oils (all types) and petroleum products.
  • It can be used in extreme climates, without deteriorating its properties.
  • It has good mechanical properties such as traction and gas impermeability.
  • Can be exposed to inorganic chemicals (except chlorine).
  • It may expand if exposed to polar liquids, such as ketones, ethers, or amines.

Neoprene rubber

  • Resistant to weathering, oils, greases, and fuels.
  • Good mechanical properties such as traction, compression, and impermeability to gases.
  • It has moderate resistance to inorganic chemicals.
  • It can be moderately subjected to aliphatic hydrocarbons such as paraffin, tallow, vegetable oils, animal fats, etc.
  • Avoid contact with organic compounds such as benzene, toluene, or xylene.
  • Available in black.


Packaging (Roll)



10 and 20 m Width



From 50cm to 120cm



1/32, 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, ½, 5/8, ¾, 1









1/6, 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8, ¾,  1”, 2”, 2½»