Rubber Boots


The only rubber boots manufactured in Mexico.

Using Swedish and German machinery, which ensures a perfect control of the shape and dimensions, making them more comfortable and light.

Features a cotton sock to avoid direct contact with the foot, to reduce sweating and bad odor.

Perfect fit, durable, and European- designed sole and heel for excellent traction.

Steel case that protects the foot from strong impacts and meets the ASTM F2412 and ASTM F2413 norm standards.

Types of Rubber Boots

Industrial Boot

Ideal for the mining & agriculture industry and general gardening.

Sanitary Boot

Indispensable in places where appearance and cleanliness are required such as the food industry, hospitals, slaughterhouses, laboratories, etc. The boot soles do not stain floors.

Nitrile Boot

Highly recommended for places where work is performed in and around organic acids, oils, fats, aromatic solvents, blood, animal waste, and gasoline. They are also ideal for the petrochemical industry, around sewage, and in laboratories.

Dielectric Boot

For use in high voltage contact activities. With a maximum filtration of 5 milliamps when applying an input voltage of 14,000 volts for one minute on the sole and heel. Ideal in the electrical and mining sector.

Complies with ANSI-STD Z 41 – 1991, Sección 4, y CSA STD Z 195, NOM-113-STPS-2009

Extra-High Boot

80 cm /31 1/2 in. average height, recommended for flooded, waterlogged, and muddy sites. Ideal for the petrochemical industry and fishing.

Trouser Boot

It is similar to the Extra High Boot but with a bib and adjustable straps which offers more protection while working at greater depths.